Business development today relies on relationships and understanding of market value. TRAFINA promises to keep our customers as our number-one priority in every transaction and situation by providing expert and professional services consistently. Our firm has access to financing capacity through traditional transactional trade finance and non-traditional bespoke finance facilities. Through our large network of contacts, we are able to tailor excellent finance packages that hold the power to grow your business.


To create value for our customers and trading partners by providing strategic services and solutions primarily in the energy sector based on management models with quality control and social responsibility.


Being recognized as a Global leading finance and trading partner generating value-added business solutions in the Oil & Gas industry.

We are the independent market leader
We have not only mastered in the investment products but our deals are comparatively competitive. We have successfully maintained the satisfaction of our clients around the world by imparting services at our best.
We hold Financial Capacity and Modelling
TRAFINA holds the financial capacity to impart its clients with complete financial assistance with our financial consulting experts providing all in good time consulting services to well-understand the market.
We take full control of Risk Management
TRAFINA promises to act as a covering sheet to your financial/project/trading plan to take control of Risks involved. Our conservative Risk Management approach assists the clients to get away with the price risks involved in the trading.